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“Time Gates of Hong Kong Pop Culture” is a metaverse project in The Sandbox, in which the World’s largest collection of King of Kowloon’s street art will make its debut, along with Asia's largest anthology of art toys, stationery and comics books.

A cultural icon who covered the streets of Hong Kong with his graffiti for over 39 years, Tsang Tsou Choi (1921-2007) used a brush and ink to proclaim himself The King of Kowloon (KOK)—the heir to the birthright that fueled a lifetime of artistic output.

With his signature style, Tsang wrote himself into the collective memory of generations of Chinese under the British rule to the post-hand-over eras. Enliven in NFT and digital forms, a large portion of never-been-seen before artworks will be available in The Sandbox Megacity 2, immortalizing Tsang’s legacy.

Curated by HONG KONG CREATES, this project provides four creative and seamless online and offline experiences integrating the KOK NFT art museum, the first learn-to-earn Chinese Hanzi metaverse academy, a storytelling playground built on the KOK's eccentric calligraphy that telling interesting stories about Chinese and Hong Kong history, art and culture, as well as an interactive game with an offline treasure hunting game linked to the NFT collectables.}

Tales of the KING - King of Kowloon (KOK)

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