Willie Chung 鍾燕齊

  • Willie Chung 鍾燕齊
  • Founder, CEO, Chief Curator

Willie Chung (a.k.a Joel Chung) is an accomplished art collector, curator, and seasoned advertising, film and art director. Willie has organized many exhibitions, published articles and books on the anthology of King of Kowloon, dolls and stationaries in the past 20 years. He is the world’s largest collector and the authoritative researcher on the work King of Kowloon whose graffiti and murals are protected and adorned as iconic heritage by the Hong Kong government and global collectors.

With a degree in commercial and industrial advertising design, Willie studied under the mentorship of world-renowned Japanese toys collector and curator, Mr. Shigehisa Kitahara in Japan. He has at international agencies including Singapore's PICO Group, where he served as the chief graphic designer and site supervisor for the children's science museum project in Kaohsiung Taiwan. With a passion for local arts and culture, Willie is also an advocate of creative education for children. He has taught at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Shiu Kee College of Creativity.

  • Publications

  • (2021) 物語系列 - 課本物語《穿梭百年時空的課堂》
  • (2017) 物語系列 - 文具物語《文具物語—寫於時空書桌的歷史》
  • (2015) 物语系列 - 影樓篇《物語: 相片考 - 影樓篇》
  • (2014) What BOOKGAZINE《自由騎行》- Mobile Garden
  • (2013)《九龍皇帝 曾灶財的藝術》
  • (2010)《九龍皇帝 Kowloon King - Joel Chung》
  • (2009)《九龍皇帝 Post No Bill 禁止标贴》
  • (2007)《九龍皇帝 The Art of Treason 叛国的艺术》
  • (2007)《天空之城 The Sky City》
  • Curated Exhibitions

  • (2020-2021) Children-led creative program Alien Planet X'mas Party
  • (2019-2020) Think Like Leonardo da Vinci 想-像達文西500周年展覽
  • (2019)《香港校服今昔》香港教育博物館
  • (2018)《香港玩具傳奇》歷史博物館大型展覽項目
  • (2017)《银の照相館》重建昔日香港舊影樓持續項目
  • (2016)《银の文房具》個人博物館持續項目
  • (2014)《WYNG 大師攝影獎作品展—「GASP!」》
  • (2014)《香江轆轆:單車路上觀察學》活動系列
  • (2014)《健康空氣行動—ON AIR:一切從空氣開始》
  • (2013)《WYNG大師攝影獎作品展—貧富縣殊》
  • (2012)《玩具天堂—香港玩具文化與創意》玩具博物館
  • (2011)《九龍皇帝的文字樂園》更獲得由香港設計中心舉辦的2011年「DFADFA亞洲最具影響力設計奬」銅獎