Ricky Lau 劉國俊

  • Ricky Lau 劉國俊
  • Co-founder, Innovation Solutions

Ricky is a business innovator, data scientist, and fintech expert who champions the application of technology as the path to innovation. He has 20 years of experience in quantitative analysis and modeling across a variety of industries including banking, finance, investment, telecommunications, energy and power. He is a practicing FinTech and Hi-Tech professional with a Master degree in Data Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), an IFTA Certified Financial Technologist and a certification from MIT in FinTech. In addition, he runs tech boot camps to incubate technology and talent. Ricky has set up Hong Kong's first carbon neutral fund, with an AUM of HK$2 billion, investing in carbon credits and green energy projects.