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King of Kowloon Tsang Tsou Choi (1921-2007)

Tsang Tsou Choi (1921-2007), better known by his self-titled moniker the King of Kowloon, was a street artist and calligrapher who covered the walls of Hong Kong with a burning passion for his heritage. With his brush and ink, Tsang painted his legacy across the city, proclaiming his rule over Kowloon as was his birthright. While the validity of his claims is unconfirmed, it became a lifelong drive for his artistry that never fizzled out, even until his passing.

Hong Kong citizens that experienced the transition from British to Chinese rule will also recall seeing Tsang express his opinions on the colonization through his public graffiti pieces, the majority of which now only remain preserved in photographs. Tsang was the unspoken outlet for the city’s distaste for the British, and many found that they could resonate with his message in silent solidarity.

Tsang was featured in the renowned moving exhibition, “Cities on the Move”, which put many more international eyes on him within the art world. This was once again shown when his work appeared in the 2003 Venice Biennale, a worldwide celebration of all things art.


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